Friday, March 30, 2007

Kate at home

Thank the Lord God in heaven above for mothers and mothers-in-law. SuperMIL spent the last night with me in the hospital (Superman went home to care for the pets as well as to get some rest - he's been sick) and my mother has been with me at home. If you can possibly help it try to have a mother who is also an RN because when you're worried about jaundice (Kate isn't at all) or about wet diaper frequency (Kate quickly dispelled those concerns immediately after we called the doctor) it's just usefull to have an RN available.

I think she's waking up which means I need to go. Here are some pictures:


When she's awake she's very awake.


Who does she look like more: Uncle TAB or Aunt LL?


These eyelashes will be a favorite focal point of mine. Just so you know.


Safe in Daddy's hands...


They let us leave the hospital with a tiny helpless newborn!?!


I wonder who she inherited her dirty-look-giving ability from?

You may have noticed that she has hair. DARK hair. This fact still astounds me because Superman and I were both very bald and then very blonde. We'll see if her hair stays or changes color.

She's such a good baby. Very eager to nurse and once my breasts chill out with the milk-making (I could feed quadruplets. I'm really not kidding.) she'll actually be able to latch on for more than a few seconds at a time. Yes I pump ahead of time to relieve some of the pressure. It's still like she's drinking from a fire hose.

She makes the funniest faces and stares around her with such curiosity. When she's awake she's very very alert; wait till you see the pictures taken (by the hospital) an hour or two after birth! My mother says that she gets her alertness from me; apparently I was similarly alert as an infant.

Her ability to produce poop has astounded her father and satisfied her mother (I really AM providing her with enough to eat!) and her father has become a supreme baby-wrapper. He calls her his "burrito princess" when she's all tightly bundled up.

Her cry has gotten progressively stronger and more irate-sounding as she gets older; her neck is very strong.

I haven't taken many pictures since we got home. We're going to try and get out in the sunshine this afternoon (good to keep jaundice away) so maybe I'll get some then. Right now I need to go smell her neck and tell her she's the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.


  1. Oh my goodness. What a sweetheart! She's lucky to have great parents.

  2. Woah! Andi told me you guys had a baby! Congratulations to a Super Family!

  3. LOL @ The StorkSorry I didn't get here sooner! Congrats!Incidentally, it looks to me like she's already plotting something. Like taking over the house, for instance. ';P

  4. Dear Beck,Congrats on developing your new big boobs. I hope you're enjoying the little girl I left you.Love,The Stork

  5. The new banner is marvellous!

  6. So glad that all is well and you're all home safe and sound.I'd love to hear about the birth story, if you're up for sharing and can find the time! :)

  7. love the new banner!

  8. I love the picture of her tiny little hand on Superman's finger! I think Uncle TAB's face in that pic was closer to Kate's expression. Beautiful family!

  9. Sorry..the above was from me.

  10. OOPS! That comment looks a bit wierd. SO CUTE was a new subject and not referring to you or T, D or L. You were a gorgeous baby. Still can't believe your mom entrusted you to my son on a skateboard.

  11. Gotta tell you Becky, I remember you and all your siblings and I agree with Cate, I think your daughter looks like her Super Dad. SO CUTE! I'm glad things are going so well for you all. How are the animals? Enjoy every second cuz it goes SOOO fast!!Love to all three of you!

  12. Kate is just beautiful Beck and Superman. What a beautiful gift from God!

  13. Aw, burrito princess, I love it. And I'm not sure who wins the lookalike contest--the first thing I see is Daddy's side.

  14. Pictures!She's beautiful.I say Uncle TAB wins the pouting look-alike contest.

  15. ...And if you haven't already, it will soon be almost impossible to remember/imagine life before her! I remember Dolly being a week old and it seemed like she'd been part of the family for ages, and just imagining what life used to be like before she came was close to impossible! I'm so happy for you! It only gets better and better and better. Enjoy every second of it, because they grow so fast. Before you know it, you won't be able to call her a 'newborn' anymore. And then, suddenly she'll be two and talking your ears off!

  16. I can't stop saying Yay!!!! "They let us leave the hospital with a tiny helpless newborn!?!" I totally remember feeling like that. Sometimes I still feel like that.