Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cowabunga, dude.

Great milk comes from happy moms. Happy moms come from California.

California. It's the milk.

My mother reminded me today of the advice my mother's mother gave to her daughters re: caring for infants. This is an abbreviated version.

"Be a cow. Just hang around making milk in quiet and peaceful settings; visit quietly with other cows - but don't sign up for non-cow activities. Sleep a lot and don't do anything extra beyond caring for your immediate physical needs and the needs of your baby. If you're not a Contented Cow in the early weeks post partum you'll have more struggles months down the road."

My grandmother knows of which she speaks and here's why:

My mother fell out of a (moving) car when she was two years old and she still has the gravel in her forehead to prove it! The family had recently moved from New York to California so that my grandfather could start up his own business. Also, my grandmother had given birth roughly two weeks before my mom's accident to their fourth child; mom's older sister was 4 and other younger brother was 1. Can you imagine moving a family of five cross-country while 9 months pregnant? Then having your toddler fall out of a car? Me either. Which is why my grandmother is my hero(ine.)


  1. opps! That's was me. :)

  2. To add a quote shamelessly lifted from Madame Librarian's blog:"Misera femina! Habebisne semper formam bovis?" = "Miserable woman! Will you always have the form of a cow?" in Latin. (This is, incidentally, the only thing I retain from my college Latin class...)

  3. sending some *baby-having* vibes your way >>>>>>>

  4. Wow! You come from some Super stock yourself! I can't imagine the shape your poor mom was in after falling out of a moving car! And your Grandma's pretty awesome for having a handle on all that!