Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Work with me

Writing is good for me, even if it's crap. So here I sit.

I want to take a bath. Last night I filled the tub for a nice soak and then took a lukewarm shower afterwards because there didn't seem to be any hot water left. Our water heater is rather ancient but can't ANYthing in our house function normally without having to be upgraded/replaced? After the sub-par shower (my fingernails were BLUE) I shivered into my clothes because the electrical outlets were non-functional and therefore so was my heater.

Kate loves the baths. Her acrobatics actually cause little ripples in the water that splash against the sides of the tub. I wonder how she'll take to baths after she's born. One thing is for sure, baths or not: she's a mover. A 'moving mover' as Superman says.

The stretch marks have multiplied. They're like little fissures in my skin all aligned in neat little rows; very interesting. The skin across the front of my tummy is stretched so tightly it feels slightly numb to the touch which is what you'd expect with less touch receptors per square inch.

I'm starting to think that reading a book while in labor may help me get my mind off the pain. I have a fair collection of them and plan to bring a variety of genres. I'll try an old favorite, Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat, and a few new ones I haven't read so can't yet predict if they have the necessary focus factor or not. While I can't seem to be able to conjure up a mental focal point (my mind wanders when left to itself) all by myself, I do have a rather vivid imagination when aided by a good book.

I've been doing the stupidest things here at home and at work. Unfortunately one of my coworkers witnessed one of the less intelligent things I did today. He always seems to be around when I exhibit prime examples of blondness. We have these atomizer guns at work that have to be attached to a pressurized air supply. I was wondering why the air hose wouldn't click into the nozzle (the part where the spray comes out) of the gun instead of the base. Duh. Only four more days of work! I'm ready for it.

The RSS feeds still aren't functioning to my liking. Can anyone recommend a feed aggregator that is not only accessible online?

Superman is being super and running bathwater for me. I eagerly await the installation of our 6' bathtub (in the far far future whenever we remodel the bathroom.)


  1. That's not a blondeness moment, that's a pregnant brain moment. Becky had those too. Your little girl is sucking your brain power into her own. Why else would Eric have turned out so smart? (c;

  2. Brrr! That post made me cold, just reading it.I don't know if you've already done this and I've missed it (very possible!) but I was wondering (and I'm sure a lot of your readers are as well) where I could go to find some items you need/want for the baby? Or for yourself, as you're home with the baby.Post a list, madam, and watch the gifts come pouring (or trickling, as UPS seems to mandate) in!