Monday, February 26, 2007


Superman and I (and Kate) attended the 2-hour hospital tour tonight and we found it very informative. I am so thankful for health insurance - so thankful to know that we have access to such a wonderful institution and all it's benefits for relatively little cost to us.

We now know which doors are open at which times of the day/night, where to go, where to check in, etc.. I've seen the labor and delivery rooms (WAY nice) and the recovery rooms (not as nice but quite serviceable) and can't wait (ok so I can wait) to get there for the real thing.

The car seat is now located in the car but not installed. This is a step in the right direction.

Several people remarked that I looked tired today even though I feel sufficiently alert. Apparently my eyes look tired. Other than my pelvis aching from standing much of the day I feel great. No heartburn, no strange pains, no muscle cramps, minimal insomnia... just great big slow-moving me plodding through the day.

I would love to record Superman's perspective on his pregnancy/Fatherhood/labor and delivery experience but he's not so interested in the writing thing. Perhaps if enough of you clamor it will coax a few sentences from him?

There's a phrase we've been using lately: "For the love of Kate...!" As in, "For the love of Kate would you please put your seatbelt on?"


  1. I'm too tired to clamor.So you've cornered the market on the, eh? That's cool.Okay, I'm off to an early bedtime.

  2. Yes, considering that only 10% of all car seats are found to be installed correctly when checked... we will certainly be taking advantage of the free car seat checks in our city. I'll be sure to gloat on here if we happen to fall into the correctly installed 10%. =)

  3. I'm sure Superman can do anything, but if you are at all unsure about how the car seat attaches, the local fire department is always happy to check/demonstrate.