Sunday, February 25, 2007

Full term

Here we are at 37 weeks, yucky cold and everything:


I have six more days of work, and then about a gazillion things to do that I've foolishly left until the end. Next time I want to be able to sit around and be pregnant and enjoy my time off work while looking forward to the baby. It's harder to look forward to the baby when the clothes aren't washed, the car seat isn't in, my hospital bag isn't packed and the bassinet doesn't have sheets (not the end of the world, I realize, but still.)

The first baby shower was yesterday and we got lots of cute outfits and super nice blankets. Blankets are always welcome, considering our heating situation.

We tour the hospital tomorrow night, so as far as I'm concerned she can come anytime after that. I'm hoping they have bathtubs to labor in; I know they have showers but I think a bath would be so relaxing.

My cold is slowly going away but my lips are still chapped no matter how much water I guzzle. Turning over in bed is getting worse and worse. My legs/pelvis ache so much upon getting out of bed that I hobble around like an old lady until my body adjusts to the pull of gravity.

Baby Kate is doing quite well. (Yes that's the blog name; please don't disclose her full name if you know it.) She gets the hiccups less frequently these days. Sometimes she'll plunge her foot so far out, creating a very noticeable bump on my tummy, then she refuses to retract it until I tap/push politely on it from my side. I guess it's comfortable for her. After I push her back "in" she often shoves right back out again as if trying to convince me of the comfort of her position. Sorry baby, what works for you sometimes just doesn't work for your mama.

My friends are freaking me out, begging to be called right when we go into labor. You guys! I can't go into labor until I'm not working and everything is ready! Stop with the hoping already. On the other hand I'm pretty curious as to when and how this whole thing will play out... I'd like Kate to wait at least until the due date. But whenever she decides she's ready then I am too, by definition (if not by choice.)

I need to show someone how to post to my blog when I actually do go into labor and deliver. On the other hand perhaps it would be wiser to keep the control with me alone in order to prevent any horrible, unapproved pictures being put on display. Hmm. What will end up happening is I'll probably post saying "AAAAAAH THIS IS IT" and then you'll all leave approximately one million comments, hourly, asking if the baby's here yet and then I'll probably tell my brother or someone to post the main birth details (length, weight, etc.) in the comments section and then when we get back home I'll put up my own account (if I have time - HA) and at the very least an introductory picture. I wonder what she'll look like.

Any predictions as to weight and length of our little girl? Some facts that may or may not be useful: Superman weighed 10 lb. 14 oz. at birth. I weighed 7 lb. 4 oz. I'm not positive on either of our lengths but I'm pretty sure we were both 20 inches or longer (him longer than I, duh.)


  1. A midwife friend of mine told me that often if mothers "know" that they shouldn't deliver until later, they won't. This is why she told one of her clients *not* to deliver during a snowstorm. If we know that we should wait, our bodies make adjustments in their rhythms to accommodate (this applies to more than having babies).

  2. I can't wait to see what Baby Kate looks like either!

  3. Predicting baby weight and length based on the parent's birth sizes isn't as easy as I once thought. Sir was 7lb,13 oz and I was 6lb, 13 oz when we were born. I thought our first would be somewhere inbetween. But Dolly surprised us by arriving at 8lb, 12oz! Then I thought, 'Great! I'm going to have giants for children', but PC came weighing 7lb, 6oz. We'll see what happenes the next time around. Congratulations on getting to full term! As long as you're so busy, the time will just fly by and before you know it you'll be holding your beautiful little girl in amazement.