Saturday, February 17, 2007

Firefox isn't speaking to Thunderbird

Every time Thunderbird is wiped and reinstalled on my computer there seems to be a problem with RSS subscriptions. This makes me grouchy because you all know how much I depend on blog-reading and how much I despise actually GOING to the website just to check if it's even been updated or not. So tedious. RSS makes things simple and easy and lets me know exactly when there's something new to read, which I can then read from the comfort of my own email program instead of foraging out into the great big world wide web.

I imported all my RSS feed subscriptions and none of them worked. So I deleted them and attempted to add them. Still nothing. So I deleted them again and fumed for a few days. Last night I tried adding a couple and it wouldn't let me: "you already have a subscription for that feed!" it announced helpfully. I most certainly did not.

The "subscribe to feed using Thunderbird" option in Firefox doesn't work. In the past I've added the site as a live bookmark, clicked properties to get the feed URL and manually added it into my RSS folder in TBird. That doesn't work anymore.

I just spent five or ten minutes searching mozilla forums for some help and nothing came to the surface.

The last time this happened I remember that it eventually worked, but I don't recall how I got it to work. I tend to forget important things like that...

I really don't want to get another RSS reader. *grumble*

(I have a feeling that most of the posts in the technology category will be negative.)

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